Drawing Lesson No. 9

It always amazes that no matter how many drawings one has under the belt, there are still things to learn about the craft. To that end, we like to impart little bits of our experience in preparing artwork for various clients over the years. Drawing Lesson No. 9 speaks to the ‘art’ of the idea or sketch presentation to the client.

First of all, when someone calls on you to render artwork for them, undoubtedly they know how you draw and have confidence you’ll be able to please them with your work. The sketch is the beginning process of communicating the artistic concept to the client. We like to present to our clients a bit of entertainment, along with the sketch.

Just keep in mind, some clients don’t have a sense of humor. Fortunately, The New York Times does.

Elvis Swift for The New York Times – CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK/JAMES R. OESTREICH