About Elvis Swift

American Artist – Whether with a pencil, pen, sewing machine, or bandsaw, Elvis has been busy making art for many years. In an interview with him regarding his current artistic pursuits, Elvis stated, “We are concentrating on our delightful line of pillows currently, look for them soon”.

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Our prints are reproductions of original artwork created by Elvis Swift, employing state-of-the-art printing methods with large format Aqueous printers. The prints are museum-quality, using archival inks with the finest papers, canvas, and equipment available anywhere.


Mr. Swift designs and makes many of our products. Some are manufactured for us from a variety of sources. We are sourcing our materials primarily from the U.S.A., and in some cases, we take the ‘Marco Polo’ approach by finding the best of worldwide suppliers. Our desire is to provide thoughtful pictures and practical items for use in your daily lives. Things that might remind you of someone or something from your past, a remembrance that brings joy. That’s our goal.


Our Promise to you, our customers, is to serve you happily and swiftly, to make your time with us an enjoyable experience. Please let us know how we are doing in this regard. Great care is exercised in the production of our prints, products, and in our service, but absolute perfection is not guaranteed.

Thank you for visiting us. From all of us at ELVIS SWIFT Dry Goods & Supply – Objets D’art and Other Stuff

Client List

Atlantic Monthly
Boston Globe
Crate & Barrel
Diageo Winery
Eleven Inc.
Harvard Business Journal
Johnson & Johnson
Kate Spade New York
Lord Jones
Los Angeles Times
Matchbook Wine Company
New York Times
Milken Review
Rob Report
Shalom Scripture Studies
Simon & Schuster
Stella Artois
The New Yorker
The Village Voice
Tiffany & Co.
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
Werner Design Werks

If you are interested in licensing artwork or commissioning a work of art, please send Elvis a message via Pony Express, over the telegraph, or through his agent, Joanie Bernstein.

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