And Yarns

Quote of the Week

December 3 2017

“My boy, you can draw all the pictures you want, but marketing is everything.”

– Russ Molloy, Bel Canto Records

Roy G. Biv

November 30 2017

You can live a long time and still run into stuff you’ve never heard of. Such is the case for us with ‘Roy G. Biv’ or ‘Roygbiv’. Overhearing this word mentioned, it sounded as though it was a person’s name. Indeed as it turns out, some have assumed it as their moniker, and others have named endeavors by this acronym. As you roll your eyes at us for our lack of knowledge, the meaning of Roygbiv is all the colors of the rainbow.

R – Red
O – Orange
Y – Yellow
G – Green
B – Blue
I – Indigo
V – Violet

There you have it, all the colors of the rainbow.

Give Me Back My Wig

November 28 2017

Give Me Back My Wig
Hound Dog Taylor

“Give me back my wig
Honey now let your head go bald
Give me back my wig
Honey now let your head go bald
Really have no business
Honey buying you no wig at all”

Cosplay Pioneer

November 27 2017

Have you heard of ‘Cosplay’? Cosplay is a very popular pastime enjoyed by many people around the world. In a nutshell, Cosplay involves dressing up to look like your favorite Comic, Anime, Manga character – the name combines the words ‘Costume’ and ‘Play’ – Cosplay.

Behold the photograph accompanying our text. At first glance, one might think that this is a vintage picture of a hapless explorer or company scout sometime in the 1800’s. But look a little more closely, and the whole scene begins to unwind.

It turns out this an early example of Cosplay, a picture of J.A. Molloy, Artist, masquerading as a Lewis & Clark explorer type, photographed by Paul Shambroom.

Mr. Molloy had in the previous year (1990) produced a mountain of Journal art, wood and linoleum cuts, steel engravings and various historical reproductions of American Indian artifacts. All for the filming of ‘The Song of Sacajawea.’ A children’s storybook classic video produced by Rabbit Ears Productions, with narration by Laura Dern along with music by David Lindley. Throughout the endeavor, the project got the better of him, and he slowly morphed into the form of the fellow in the picture. Indeed he is as we have coined him the ‘Cosplay Pioneer.’