And Yarns

Primary Colors

October 11 2019

It’s pretty amazing when you stop and think about the fact that all the colors we see around us are made up but from a very few. We won’t go into detail here regarding primary colors, color theory, or visible light spectrum, after all, that’s what art school is for.

We are thankful for the paints and pens and inks and brushes that let us draw from a few elements and unfold an idea into a multitude bouquet of form and color.

Logo Hall of Fame

July 19 2019


Bel Canto’s offices were located at 2919 South La Cienega Blvd., Culver City, California.

Here is a logo we have loved for many years. The mark was in use back in the last century from the mid 1950’s through 1960’s.


July 18 2019

If brevity is
the soul of wit.
Then for this poem,
this is it.

– Elvis Swift

Simple Math

March 14 2019

“Now one and one is two
Two and two is four
I’m heavy loaded, baby
I’m booked, I gotta go
Cryin’ baby
Honey don’t you want to go?
Back to the land of California
To my sweet home Chicago”

– Robert Johnson