Lisa Makes Pie

Many years ago someone once stated ‘Remember: TTT.’ When asked, ‘What do you mean ‘TTT’? His reply?

‘Time is the Teller of all Tales.’

How very true that sentiment is, indeed, you will only know the fullness of many things until time has passed to reveal the details.

Which brings us to Lisa Catalone of Catalone Design Co.

‘Catalone Design Co. specializes in visual identity, brand development, and digital design. Our clients have stories to tell, and we are listening. With an ear for key messages and an eye for details, we work together to create solutions that are at once innovative and timeless. Our team brings equal parts passion and expertise to every project s from concept to completion.’

We have worked for Catalone Design for many years, always enjoyed the assignments, and our recollection is that all went well on the projects. In all the years working for Lisa, there is no recollection of her mentioning pies. Ever.

And now there’s this:

What kind of pies? Berry pies and cherry pies and pies with pretty much any kind of fruit in them. Custard pies and pumpkin pies and lemon meringue pies. Quiches and tarts and galettes. Meat pies. Pies with themes, like Star Wars, or Mother’s Day, or the New York Yankees (sorry, Yankee haters). Pies with fancy lattice crust going this way, and pies with lattice crust going that way. Oh, and about that crust: Butter (Yes!), but Crisco? (No!) In short, I make small-batch, custom-designed pies. For any occasion. Or just because.

Now we are not saying this is the final ‘T’ in ‘TTT,’ but it certainly is possibly part of the second ‘T.’

And as part of the telling of this tail, Elvis has collaborated with Lisa in preparing designs to accompany her decorated, delicious and delightful pies.

Check out LISA MAKES PIE on instagram.

We now understand a little more of the wisdom imparted so long ago: ‘TTT, Time is the teller of all Tails.’