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Songwriter Showcase

July 7 2017

Girl With Guitar
By Gary Krainak

Standing as still as a statue
In front of the microphone
You swear that she’s staring right at you
And singing to you all alone
Just like that old Mona Lisa
Her smile does some secret conceal
But she isn’t in no museum
That Girl With Guitar is for real

Strumming that six string that lays crossed her breast
The Girl With Guitar swings the fringe on her vest
Tugging your heartstrings with every bar
No picture so pretty as a Girl With Guitar

A beauty no artist could render
As she steps into the spotlight
And cranks up the amp on her Fender
And plays it with all of her might
Strumming so free and so gaily
While wearing that big cowboy hat
No banjo or ukulele
Could ever look so cool as that

Some men have themselves believing
That she can be had for a price
Oh what a web they are weaving
Inside of their fool’s paradise
They try to buy her affection
But none have succeeded so far
To add to their private collection
That beautiful Girl With Guitar

Quote of the Week

July 5 2017

“I have faith in the people. They will not consent to disunion. The danger is, they are misled. Let them know the truth, and the country is safe.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Quote of the Week

June 25 2017

“If it weren’t for perspective, we’d all see the same thing”

– J. A. Molloy

The Third Dimension

June 20 2017

Do you remember ‘The Twilight Zone‘? It was a weekly television program with entertaining human interest stories delving into to Science Fiction and other unusual circumstances. Or something like that. Rod Serling was the creator and host of the show, and every week while smoking a cigarette, he would speak to us about the forthcoming episode and usually end with mentioning the ‘fifth dimension’. As a kid watching the show each week, the thought of 5 dimensions was very intriguing and up to now as an artist, I’ve been trying to grapple with two of the five. We are are now entering the ‘Third Dimension’. 3D printing.

We suspect Lamonte McLemore and Marilyn McCoo were fans of the show.

Quote of the Week

June 17 2017

“People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it, making it horrible for the older people and the kids? … It’s just not right. It’s not right. It’s not, it’s not going to change anything. We’ll, we’ll get our justice … Please, we can get along here. We all can get along. I mean, we’re all stuck here for a while. Let’s try to work it out. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to work it out.”

– Rodney Glen King III (1965-2012)

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