And Yarns

Quote of the Week

December 23 2018

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

~The Heavenly Host

It’s Pink Friday

December 21 2018

In one of our recent Essays and Yarns, the suggestion was made that some people are living under a rock. As it turns out, the space under the rock has company.


While wandering into the local Drug Store looking for a new comb, walking down the ladies isle was spotted one of the most amazing product designs ever seen. The Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Parfum. It is evident that there are things going on in the world that have completely escaped our understanding.

Just to be clear on this, the bottle design is absolutely captivating. Who would have thought that a bottle with a gold head covered in Pink hair on top of a brassiere and transparent torso filled with fragrant liquid would be anything but awkward?

We love it. As a matter of fact, we wish we had a bust of Mr. Swift that was an equally compelling product to put on a shelf somewhere.

Perhaps we’ll start working on one.

Quote of the Week

November 26 2018

“We were making the future,” he said, “and hardly any of us troubled to think what future we were making. And here it is!”

Herbert George Wells – When The Sleeper Wakes (1899)

Drawing Lesson No. 8

November 4 2018

Today’s topic for our Drawing Lesson is ‘Perspective”. Have you ever wondered why various accounts of events reported do not always agree with one another? The simple reason is due to perspective. Perspective not only plays a part in what we experience day to day but also as artists, how it is we portray the ideas and images we conceive. Every viewpoint of the same subject or object is slightly or wholly different dependant on the viewer, medium and intent. (more…)

Ode to the Editor

September 18 2018

Ode to the Editor
By Elvis Swift

The author daily sits and types
the stories they would tell.
Excitedly records the words
preparing books to sell.

I had much more here to say
to pen and then to post.
But said the editor for whom I work
just write eight lines at most.