Écran d’urinoir Numéro 2

This posting is titled in French because I felt the English sounded too coarse. ‘Urinal Screen Number 2’ simply doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘Écran d’urinoir Numéro 2′. In any event, I’m testing Mr. Swift’s patience with me yet again. If you recall, the last time we pursued this line of advertising, it cost me my job. However, the dismissal from my post here at ELVIS SWIFT Dry Goods & Supply as Marketing Director was short-lived. My reinstatement was partly due to Elvis’ kindly demeanor and partly due to his reliance upon me for almost everything needed doing around here. Thus, we are testing the waters once again with this line of advertising. In any event, the French titling may persuade Mr. Swift that the urinal screen with our logo emblazoned on it is acceptable this time around, as he loves all things France. And I ordered another gross of them. If not, I’m sure my job as Marketing Director is ‘Fini.’

Jack A. Molloy
Marketing Director
ELVIS SWIFT Dry Goods & Supply