Who doesn’t like making lists of things? It seems it is a silent sub-occupation in our lives, almost like breathing. If you think about it, list making is perhaps a natural function ingrained in our very being. The order of the items in the list is of utmost importance too. Whether written down on a scrap of paper or jotted in a notebook or just committed to memory, lists are a very helpful means of getting things accomplished or recalling the order of events that took place. Looking through my stack of past sketchbooks, I’d say half or more of the pages are filled with lists of stuff to do, and the other half are drawings or doodles. Perhaps even the drawings are lists in themselves because they are often scribbles of drawings that need to be finalized in ink.

Here is an example list:

  1. Keep sketchbook in pocket or purse.
  2. Keep a pencil or pen handy nearby.
  3. Write lists of things down that come to mind to do.
  4. Remember to accomplish the things on your list.
  5. Cross things off (don’t erase them) when completed.
  6. When done with list start another.
  7. Repeat above.