613 No.2 Pencil

Let us introduce to you our most favorite and beloved object of desire. The standard by which all marking tools are judged. The Pencil. A simple instrument which when in hand allows the user to almost instantaneously scribble thoughts and ideas on paper. We have been using pencils in our studio every day for the last more than 40 years. In this day of the cloud, electronic database driven, digital, pixelated world, we have found a pencil continues to be one of the most useful tools, and it is inherently secure with a pink eraser on the far end for extra security (See our eraser disclaimer here). Don’t think for a minute we are Luddites, we are not. The value of the pixel is well established, and we wield them daily. But we have found over the years, that a simple pencil and sketchbook are indispensable for swiftly jotting down doodles & stuff during the creative process. Everything begins with a doodle.

Our yellow No.2 Graphite wooden pencil is suitable for sharp, precise detail and soft enough for shading and smudging. Emblazoned on two facets, ELVIS SWIFT DRY GOOD – 613 – No.2, on one, and DESIRE EVERYTHING – DISCARD NOTHING on the other.

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