Quote of the Week

‘That’s alright, I still got my guitar.’

-Jimi Hendrix

I guess it’s like Jimi Hendrix when he got a bad, bad feeling that his baby don’t live here no more, and said ‘She ain’t comin’ on back neither – That’s alright I still got my guitar.’, the guitar has been a faithful companion for me too. There is one generally within arms reach, whether at home or work. Most of my axes are simple affairs, basic playable guitars, although a couple are indeed rather unique, one guitar, my favorite – a 1940’s Gibson LG-1. There is something about this guitar that keeps my hands on it several times every day. It is usually kept out of the case, leaning in a corner or lying on the couch, ready to be picked up and played. Alas, when I’m asked ‘How long have you been playing guitar?’, I usually reply, ‘Oh, about 20 minutes or so.’ If my answer were ‘almost fifty years,’ the inquirer would surely wonder then why I wasn’t better at it for all the years of playing.

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