Oy, Another Word Rant

Words are interesting things. Letters carefully assembled can convey lofty ideas or simple thoughts. Small words can carry significant meanings. Right down to the arrangement of the letters. Such is the word JOY. The dictionary definition is thus:

joy (joi), n. [OF. joie, fr. L. gaudia, pl. of gaudium
joy, fr. gaudere to rejoice, be glad.] 1. A feeling
of lively pleasure, as that excited by good fortune,
success, or the like; gladness. 2. State of happiness; bliss.
3. That which causes happiness. 4. Gaiety;
merriment. – Syn. See PLEASURE. v. i. & t. To
rejoice; delight.

If the ‘J’ is removed from the word ‘JOY,’ it becomes OY.

In two letters, OY is a Yiddish word that means heartache, sadness, sorrow, pain, and grief. A word with precisely the opposite meaning of JOY.


A word we have become all too familiar with as of late.