Keep Smiling

I was going to post an essay on the topic of emoji’s today.

Took a break for lunch and scooted down the road. Parked our delivery scooter in an out of the way spot and went inside the Subway store to get a sandwich. After getting my order to go, I stepped outside to see a man standing at the Vespa trying in vain to put it on the center stand.

To make a long story short, he explained to me in faltering nearly incomprehensible English that he was watching his side view mirror while backing up, but “things look so much further away, and I hit your scooter.”

It had been knocked onto the pavement, and the right side of the body was all scraped up with additional damage to several parts.

A police report was submitted, and I have gotten an estimate for repairs.

The most unusual thing about the episode is that the sign on the side of the guy’s car reads (name of company) DRIVING SCHOOL (phone number).

He’s a driving instructor.

I’ll post the emoji article another day.