While tossing out the store rubbish into the dumpster today, I spied a piece of canvas with stenciled lettering behind some cardboard boxes in the back. Grabbing a wooden pallet behind the dumpster then leaning it against the side, I carefully scaled it like a ladder and jumped into the metal trash container. It was stinky in there and hot too. Also, it seemed like long distance from the edge jumping down into the thing. Pushing all of the refuse aside, I discovered two canvas lined utility trucks. I picked up the carts to jettison them out of the dumpster, they were heavy and cumbersome but was able to push them over and out the top. Now I had to get out of the steel trash bin and realized that there was nothing in here to step up on and climb out. I think of myself in pretty good physical shape but confess having a little trouble scooching up the side to throw a leg over to get back down the pallet ladder. After a couple failed attempts, thinking how embarrassing it was going to be being found stuck in here or hollering for someone to help me out, tried again. I was able to get up on the edge of the bin and then down the makeshift ladder without making a public fool of myself. I’m going to bring a step stool with me if I ever go in there again.

The two carts are quite old and nicely worn – DANDUX 8 Bushel Canvas Basket Bulk Truck with hinged wooden lids and wheels. Lots of air freight labels, stencils and writing all over them.

We’ll put them to good use here at ELVIS SWIFT Dry Goods & Supply.