Drawing Lesson No. 7

Today’s drawing lesson has less to do with specific instruction but more to do with style. There are those who suggest that critical thinking but not manual dexterity should be taught to the young artistic mind. We, however, differ in that we are convinced that the ‘how to’ is as important to teach as is the means of forming ‘the idea’.

The example pictures shown are that of a glass factory and glass blower. Both of these images rendered in lino block are an example of a reductive method of creating art. Michelangelo reportedly stated, The more the marbles wastes, the more the statue grows.” Also, these examples touch on Chiaroscuro which is the study of using light and dark as the driving effect of depicting a drawn, painted, carved subject.

Get yourself a black piece of paper and a white pencil and draw the picture of your choice. You’ll have to sort of think backward a little, but that’s the fun of the exercise. In the end, you will have ‘…divided the light from darkness’.