Drawing Lesson No. 4

I can’t believe how time flies. Here we are publishing our 4th weekly ELVIS SWIFT Drawing Lesson.

First off I’d like to convey a short anecdotal story.

About 35 years ago, after approximately ten years of commercial illustration, I’d had enough of the incessant pressure of deadlines and the continual demand to draw pictures at others whims. So I decided to quit being an artist. In the process, I collected up just about all the art I had done to that point in my about 30 years of life and tossed it all in the dumpster behind my apartment. The following morning my doorbell rang. Outside the door, there was a group of women standing with armloads of papers and panels of drawings, paintings, and prints I had the day previous thrown into the garbage. The lead lady politely asked if it would be alright if they could have them, and if I’d sign them.

I know you are thinking; “How does that square with your motto ‘DESIRE EVERYTHING – DISCARD NOTHING’?”

Here’s how.

Some things belong in the trash and should remain there.

So here is our fourth drawing lesson: If you don’t like art you have done and don’t want it to be seen by others and want it disposed of, shred it or burn it.