Who’s Got The Button?

Who’s got the button? We do. We have lots of buttons.

This print homage to vintage button cards of long ago is a reminder of a time gone by, sitting with your mother as she taught you how to sew. I recall mom taking me to the fabric store and asking me to choose a set of buttons that would be used on the shirt she would make for me. There were so many to choose from, and the display cards always enticed to make you believe these were beautiful exotic high fashion buttons.

Our button card is a print worthy of framing and hanging on the wall, a drawing of a delicate hand by Mr. Swift, printed on a heavyweight archival 100% cotton rag. One button is affixed to the card, while an additional 9 buttons are loose for you to use on your next shirt or blouse project. The buttons are sourced from a North Carolina garment maker that has since gone out of business. They are a cat-eye vintage button from somewhere around the 1950s.

We think you’ll enjoy this practical reminder of the past and find the buttons useful.

3.25×5.75 Button Card Print with 10 off-white vintage buttons, stamped and signed by Elvis Swift. – $9.95 and Free Shipping


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