The Singularity

Way back in 1976 the Butter Council hired me to draw a picture of a slice of bread with a pat of butter on it. Its use was for an outdoor billboard proclaiming ‘Butter is Better’. The drawing was in ink, about 3×3 inches in size, with Rubylith cut for the second color, yellow. The Butter Council loved the art and produced the billboards. I drove 70 miles to see the outdoor board and was astonished at how big the drawing had become. Afterward I called the sign company and asked if they had extra sheets of the art that they might give me. They did have a spare set and gladly supplied a pile of them that made up the advertisement on the outdoor board. Those billboard sheets fascinated me.

This depiction of ‘The Singularity’ is presented in that spirit, a printed sheet of oversized art, folded for utility’s sake. The art was originally  drawn on the iPhone during the winter of 2010 in San Francisco. The print is enlarged and reproduced here with a few raw pixels to compliment the utility factor. It includes trim and registration marks, color bars and file information surrounding the image as a border.

Printed one size: 36″x49″ folded. Perfectly suited for pinning up on your wall or pasting onto the side of an abandoned building (at your own risk).

Oh, and by the way, The Singularity is coming, and it’s coming soon according to John von Neumann, Vernor Vinge and Ray Kurzweil.

And as a final note, butter is better.

Printed on Archival Matt paper with Archival inks, signed by Elvis and hammer stamped with our ES logo mark.