Six Two Four Two Five Two Six

Numbers. They are everywhere. From the start of the day throughout until the end, we encounter numbers. The alarm clock rings in the morning announcing the time to wake. Almost every second of the day numbers guides and dictate everything we do. Even falling asleep we count sheep. Let’s face it, numbers are a part of life, and if you think you can escape the influence numbers have on you, don’t count on it.

Printed on Museum Quality heavyweight paper or canvas with Archival inks, signed by Elvis and hammer stamped (paper only) with our ES logo mark available in three sizes.

8×10 inch Print – $25.00
11×14 inch Print – $48.00
18×24 inch Print – $135.00
8×10 inch Canvas – $35.00
11×14 inch Canvas – $58.00
18×24 inch Canvas – $145.00


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