Splat Happens

When drawing with ink, occasionally you’ll spill, drip, splatter, smear or otherwise create accidents in ink. As carefully as you attempt to guide your hand purposefully, invariably a mishap will happen. Load the pen with too much ink and move swiftly over the paper, the pen will drip ink, and a spill will occur. Why fight it, embrace the unexpected, mistakes, ink drops, equipment failures, splat happens. Lucky Ned Pepper said it best; ‘They will do it. It will embarrass you every time.’

Welcome the inevitable, rejoice in the surprises.

Ink Splat – small, medium, large, extra large, extra extra large and extra super large

Printed on Museum Quality heavyweight paper with Archival inks, signed by Elvis and hammer stamped with our ES logo mark available in six sizes.

4×6 inch Print – $10.00
8×10 inch Print – $25.00
11×14 inch Print – $48.00
18×24 inch Print – $135.00
30×40 inch Print – $375.00
44×55 inch Print – $750.00


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