I ♥ Coffee

In 1967, Robert Indiana unveiled the painting and sculpture – LOVE. Four letters, the ‘LO‘ stacked on top of ‘VE’ with the ‘O‘ slightly tilted. That work of art instantly became an iconic representation of a universal emotional feeling, and the image established itself within the public consciousness. Robert commented that due to the success and popularity of the work, for many years LOVE hurt more than helped him as an artist in that he was called a ‘sell-out’ for creating such a popular piece of art. And although the Post Office made more than $25 million on the sale of LOVE stamps, Mr. Indiana barely made any money from his creation. Displayed as sculptures in parks, paintings and prints in Museums postage stamps on every other letter made his work ubiquitous. Even Milton Glaser said he was probably subliminally influenced by Robert Indiana’s LOVE when he created I ♥ NY.

Which brings us toCOFFEE. We love hearts around here, the meaning of the heart shape joined with another image instantly conveys exactly the desired thoughts. I’m sipping a cup of coffee while typing this.

Printed on Museum Quality heavyweight paper with Archival inks, signed by Elvis and hammer stamped with our ES logo mark available in three sizes.

8×10 inch Print – $25.00
11×14 inch Print – $48.00
18×24 inch Print – $135.00


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