Home Again (Naturally)

Once again we’re forced to admit another embarrassing factoid. Remember the 1972 toe-tapping tune ‘Alone Again (Naturally)’? For whatever reason, be it my poor hearing, general malaise, just not paying attention or perhaps confused by the Irish accent – I’ve always heard the lyrics when the refrain comes around as ‘Home again naturally.’ In all the intervening years hearing the song played on iTunes, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Sonos, AM, FM or riding an elevator somewhere downtown NYC, when it gets to the hook line I’ve always heard it as ‘Home again naturally.’

Imagine my surprise when naming this particular print with that old song in mind, discovering it to be a somber ballad and the word is ‘Alone’ not ‘Home.’ Regardless of this misunderstanding, the drawing remains entitled ‘Home Again (Naturally).’

And I’ll probably still think Gilbert O’Sullivan is singing ‘Home’ when he says ‘Alone.’

Printed on Museum Quality medium weight paper with Archival inks.

24×24 inch Print – $33.00