Many years ago, I occupied a small apartment behind and attached to a woodworking shop. The woodworker had a dog; a Labrador Retriever named Chester. Part of my responsibility as a renter was to care for Chester when the woodworker was gone evenings and weekends. Chester lived in the workshop, and it was there he slept, ate and on occasion relieved himself. One Friday night I noticed he had done his duty right next to the planer/jointer. Instead of disposing of it, I covered it with some sawdust that was scattered around on the floor intending to come back and discard it later. Monday morning arrived, and the woodworker came back to work. As was his custom, after greeting Chester, he grabbed his broom and swept the floor. Sweeping all the sawdust into piles near the vacuum floor vents, he turned the industrial central vacuum on and proceeded to brush the piles into the vents. I had just gotten a cup of coffee and peered in through the shop door to say good morning when to my horror, the woodworker was brushing the mound of sawdust with Chester’s prize into the vent. This particular vent was kitty-cornered from the vacuum collector and anything swept into it had to traverse a labyrinth of ductwork. Swept and sucked into the opening you could hear it loudly banging along as the doo-doo passed through the ducts and neared the collector bag. All at once a loud thudding was sounded at the vacuum’s end as Chester’s poo hit the whirring fan. In absolutely a moment of time, the entire shop smelled awful.

A portrait of Chester, the Labrador Retriever.

Printed on Museum Quality heavyweight paper with Archival inks, signed by Elvis and hammer stamped with our ES logo mark available in three sizes.

8×10 inch Print – $25.00
11×14 inch Print – $48.00
18×24 inch Print – $135.00


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