Obsole_e Le__er

There is a manner of speaking being promo_ed and defined as the evolution of speech or ‘Curren_ Modern American English.’ Within i_’s curriculum is taugh_ to extinguish the sound of the le__er ‘T’ in many words in sen_ences where you would normally hear them.

We’re no_ to_ally opposed to the effor_ to silence the noise of the ‘t’, nor do we have contemp_  for those promo_ing this linguistic school of though_. After all, people will be using less ink when wri_ing with a foun_ain pen, and if this ca_ches on, ul_ima_ely the savings of the cost in prin_ing ink and toner alone the world over will assure the effor_ cer_ain success – tha_ is, of course, should this idea migra_e from the spoken word to wri__en.

Les_ you think we are making a moun_ain out of a molehill, check i_ ou_ for yourself. Research ‘Pronunciation of ‘t’ in the word mountain‘ on the In_erne_.

Oh well, maybe this whole thing doesn’t really madder.