Modern Monuments No.1

Here is our “What is Man?” drawing as a 3-dimensional object placed near one of our favorite sightseeing destinations – Bombay Beach, California. The region has all you’ll need to keep you entertained and busy finding many fascinating tourist spots. Driving north from El Centro, you’ll encounter Brawley, a town grown amid the Imperial Valley, its denizens busing themselves with raising cattle, growing feed to feed them, and food crops for the rest of us. About halfway up the east side of the Salton Sea on California State Route 111, you’ll find Bombay Beach, which was once a thriving resort town, until the lake decided otherwise. This area is a particularly remote place devoid of people, dry and unforgiving. Stop in at the Bombay Beach Market for a cold bottle of water or soda. As you depart, look off into the distance and squint and see if you can envision our towering monument, arising out of the desert floor, silently proclaiming, “What is Man?

Claes Oldenburg said something about the scale of a piece of art having to be a specific size before it looks right. 

We think this is just about right.

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