Drawing Lesson No. 10

Once again, we feel compelled to offer yet another bit of advice and instruction regarding the pursuit of drawing. If you have spent any amount of effort attempting to draw a picture at another’s request, you’ll soon discover a possible gulf betwixt them and you. Someone may ask you to draw a picture of a dancing couple, and you may well reply – ‘I’d be happy to draw that for you.’ This request could be the beginning of an enjoyable project with a beautiful outcome, as long as you remain calm and cool. Always remember the client usually has a vision as to how they expect the art will look. And since they already know your work style, they probably have expectations that the picture should look similar to other works you have previously done.

In some cases, your patron might attempt to scribble a drawing to show you their thoughts. Whatever the specific details are surrounding the project’s launch, you might think it wise to offer a preliminary sketch of your planned design. Be gentle with your client, patient, and understanding. Remember, everything in life is a work in progress.

Here is a preliminary sketch of our dancing couple entitled, ‘Let’s Dance”, with notes from the dear client. And if you like the sketch, perhaps you’ll like the final art also found here.