Copper Rivet Day 2022

Happy Copper Rivet Day 2022! As time marches on, one hundred forty-nine years ago, on May 20, 1873, the copper rivet was patented. Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis collaborated to bring about the manufacture and implementation of what is an indispensable and iconic feature found on every pair of denim jeans. The copper rivet has been a fascinating part of everyday life and is barely noticed and often under-appreciated. Actually, without the humble little rivet, we may not even have the denim jean as we know them today. As a side note, what we refer to commonly as a ‘jean rivet’ is called a ‘pocket burr’ in the garment industry.

Mr. Strauss designed and manufactured denim work pants and found that the pants would rip and tear at critical points of stress during use. He needed a solution to strengthen them, and this he found in the little rivet invention of Jacob Davis. Like so many other things in life that go so well together, the copper rivet will be forever united with the clothes and things we love to wear and use. Check out our ‘Key to the Highway’ denim key ring here.

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