And Yarns

Big Dawgs Naples

July 26 2017

Naples Florida is a beautiful city on the Gulf Coast; it is almost perfect. One of the things that round out the lifestyle here in Naples is the plethora of eating establishments. The depth and breadth of cookeries, cuisines, and cafes are astounding, rivaling much larger cities throughout the world.

Trulucks is a fabulous fine dining establishment, catering to discriminating tastes with few rivals. You’ll be hard pressed to find better Cuban fare north of 217 miles south of Fernandez the Bull. If it’s Pizza (and other Italian delicacies) you are hankering for, look no further than Cosmos Italian Cafe & Pizzeria.

So let’s talk hot dogs.

There’s nothing quite like an authentic Chicago-style hot dog. You may think a trip to Chicago is in order to get one of the most perfectly crafted hot dogs ever invented. But no, Right here in Naples we have Big Dawg Naples, the go-to place for a scrumptious lunch Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 4 PM. Owned and operated by Bryan Ullom. Bryan has been serving hot dogs to Neopolitan’s on the corner of Airport-Pulling Rd., and Estey Ave. for the last three years. Mr. Ullom always greets you with a joyful smile and be sure to watch as he masterfully and happily crafts each dawg ordered.

I’m leaving now to get a hotdog for lunch.

Oh, and as for Naples being ‘almost perfect’, the only thing we need down here to bring it to perfection? White Castle.


The Artist’s Lament

July 13 2017

The Artist’s Lament
by Elvis Swift

To watch the world at large
And shade it as you see it
Then scribble down your thoughts
Determined to not give a whit

Draw the thing that’s in the mind
Quickly sketch an image
Think a thing then pen it right
Resolve on paper said visage

Paint ideas when fully formed
Round to somewhat clarity
Fashion lines to show the sight
Displayed with righteous verity

With lofted noble goals
The work now takes its shape
No thought of critics words
Some might love while others hate

Or simply decorate a room
With colors bright and gay
To make a living from the art
And ply your craft another day

Songwriter Showcase

July 7 2017

Girl With Guitar
By Gary Krainak

Standing as still as a statue
In front of the microphone
You swear that she’s staring right at you
And singing to you all alone
Just like that old Mona Lisa
Her smile does some secret conceal
But she isn’t in no museum
That Girl With Guitar is for real

Strumming that six string that lays crossed her breast
The Girl With Guitar swings the fringe on her vest
Tugging your heartstrings with every bar
No picture so pretty as a Girl With Guitar

A beauty no artist could render
As she steps into the spotlight
And cranks up the amp on her Fender
And plays it with all of her might
Strumming so free and so gaily
While wearing that big cowboy hat
No banjo or ukulele
Could ever look so cool as that

Some men have themselves believing
That she can be had for a price
Oh what a web they are weaving
Inside of their fool’s paradise
They try to buy her affection
But none have succeeded so far
To add to their private collection
That beautiful Girl With Guitar

Quote of the Week

July 5 2017

“I have faith in the people. They will not consent to disunion. The danger is, they are misled. Let them know the truth, and the country is safe.”

– Abraham Lincoln